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17 Cool Halloween Costumes for Cats

As you prepare for Halloween with decorations and costumes, don’t forget about your cute kitty. She can rock the party with a new outfit. There are lots of places that sell cat costumes and pet outfits, but if you are stranded this review post is for you. We did detailed research on your behalf. We


What is Catnip and Why Do Cats Like It? Is it Safe?

Until recently, I believed that all cats go completely crazy over catnip. But the fact is, one out of two cats won’t experience any reaction and will act their usual self. This finding prompted me to test it out on my cat… Here’s what happened: Simply put it, my feline had a blast and immediately


111 Cat Facts – Interesting And Funny Feline Trivia 

Obviously, I think that my cat is the cutest and smartest feline ever, and you probably feel the same way about your cat. But how much do you actually know about your kitty and cat species in general? Until recently, I considered myself an expert for all cat-related things, but I was wrong! For example,

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