Best Dog Nail Clippers for Thicks Nails



If your dog’s nails get too long, walking can become uncomfortable. Sometimes the nails may grow so long that they curve around in almost a loop and grow back into the paw pads.

This is definitely painful, and can even lead to infections. You certainly do not want your pooch to experience such pain.

A clipping tool provides you with the safest way of trimming your dog’s nails at home. There are several styles of nail trimmers available. The right choice depends on the size of your dog’s nails and your personal preference.

Using inferior or poor quality clippers can be dangerous for your dog. So, let’s discuss how you can buy the best model.

What Are The Different Styles of Nail Trimmers?

There are several styles of nail clippers to choose from, and they include:

Guillotine Nail Clippers

These trimmers have an opening into which you place your dog’s nail. When you squeeze the handle, a single sharp blade closes the opening and clips the nail.

Scissor-Shaped Nail Clippers

Scissor-shaped trimmers look like a small pair of regular scissors with a semicircle-shaped opening on the blade where the nail rests.

Grinding Tools

Grinding tools are either power or battery operated. Nail grinders take down nail tips with a little rotary sander. You can also use a combination of clippers, grinders, and files.

Nail Files

A nail file can be just the trick you need to avoid being scratched by newly trimmed nails. Filing the nails after clipping rounds off the edges, making it safer for both your dog and the people she interacts with.

What to Look For a Dog Nail Clipper?

Picture yourself walking in uncomfortable shoes for a very long time, and the effect that would have on the way you walk. The same applies to your pooch.

The size of your dog and his or her nails will determine the size of nail trimmers to use. For every size of the nail, there is more than one style of clippers to choose from.

To narrow down your search, after you have determined the size you need, it is important to consider what style best fits your hand and which will be better for your dog’s disposition.

General hints regarding clipping are these: make sure you have good quality clippers. You can only find such a tool if you consider the following:

Blade Quality

Apart from the type or style of clippers, the most essential design feature is the quality of the blade material used.
We strongly urge you to consider clippers made of a top-quality stainless steel blade. This type of blade is safe for clipping, rust-free, and has good edge retention.

Blades made of poor quality materials have a tendency of losing sharpness faster. A dull blade may not produce a clean cut, which may be painful for your doggie.


Selecting the best dog nail trimmers does not only involve the efficiency of the tool, but also the safety features. Risky clippers will certainly be harmful to your dog.

The most essential safety feature we urge you to consider is depth safety guard, which ensures that your dog’s nails are not caught too deep into the clippers.

Also, consider buying trimmers with safety lock for secure and easy storage.

Pick a Comfortable Pair

Despite your best intentions, your dog may never be comfortable having her nails trimmed with uncomfortable, dull pair of dog nail clippers.

Having a sharp, high-quality blade is not enough. The dog nail clippers should have ergonomic handles that provide maximum comfort.

Look for anti-slip or rubberized handles that will offer a steady grip. Also, consider longer handles because they provide extra power for a clean trim.

What Is The Quick And How To Find It?

Nail quick refers to the soft cuticle that consists of nerves and blood vessels. Usually, it is the pinkish part at the center of the nail of a light colored dog.

It’s easy to locate the quick if your dog has white nails. Just look for the pink line that stretches from the base of the nail toward the tip.

When you clip, trim below the pink line so you don’t cut into it. However, finding the quick may be a little bit tricky if your dog has dark-colored nails.

Be conservative when clipping dark-colored nails. With black or dark nail, it’s best to clip only a small bit of the nail at a time or to use a file where the quick is not visible.

How to Safely Clip Your Dog’s Nails?

Dog nail clipping is not a difficult process; so, there is no reason for you to be anxious or worried that you might do it wrong.

If you have never trimmed your dog’s nails, you will have to introduce her to clippers.

You can achieve this by placing the pair of clippers you are planning to use near her paws. Then open and close them repeatedly so that she can get used to the sound. Usually, it is advisable to introduce your dog to clipping when she is a puppy.

Once your dog is used to the clippers put her on a grooming table or a raised surface.

You will be able to see better and have more control over your dog during the trimming process. Have treats ready so that your dog considers the trimming process to be a good thing.

Start by locating the quick.

In light-colored nails, trimming is much simpler because you can see the quick (vein) that grows inside the nail casing. However, the vein may be difficult to find in dark-colored nails.

Start by grasping your dog’s paw;

A little pressure on the foot pad causes the nail to extend, making it easier to trim.

Clip off small bits at a time.

Talk to your dog and give her treats to help encourage her during the process. Trimming the nail as close as possible to the quick will force the vein to recede, making subsequent nail trimming much easier. Be very careful to clip only the tip of the nail.

Only continue clipping if your dog is calm with the process.

You should stop and carry on later if your dog seems to be uncomfortable with the process at the moment.

The choice of dog nail trimmers is huge on today’s market, but not all of them are the Grade A. We have reviewed 5 of the finest products for your selection. Just remember to choose a pair of clippers that is ideal for your dog’s size.

Top 5 Dog Nail Clippers for Thick nail 2019

1. Onson Professional Pet Nail Trimmer

The #1 in our list is the Onson. Keep your dog’s nails healthy by using the Onson Dog Nail Clippers, which are available in two color combinations. This pair is ideal for small, medium, and large dogs.

The clippers feature 3.5 mm sharp stainless steel blades, which are powerful and capable of trimming your dog’s nails with a single cut. The blades will not crush the nails but cut them quickly and evenly.

The trimmers are equipped with an angled head that delivers a precise cut. They have an ergonomically made rubber handle that provides a non-slip, secure, and comfortable grip, which ensures you never go wrong with the clipping.

The Onson trimmers are safely outfitted. They are fitted with a sensor guard that ensures you do not trim the nails too short. The pair has a safety lock for easy and secure storage.


  • Professional strength
  • Convenient and practical
  • Sharp and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Safely outfitted
  • Nail file included


  • Spring is not very smooth

2. Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Do you have a small or medium dog that needs nail trimming? Epica Pet Nail Clippers trim nails safer and easier. You and your dog will appreciate the clean cuts.

The Epica model comes with stainless steel blades, which will not rust, scratch, bend, or loose sharpness easily. The stainless steel blades are highly durable.

Sharp and powerful blades allow you to clip your dog’s nails at a faster rate and with minimal effort. The high-quality blades guarantee a clean cut without shabby edges.

The clippers are specifically designed for small as well as medium dog breeds, including Labrador retrievers, collies, bulldogs, poodles, dachshunds, spaniels, and terriers.

These trimmers provide a secure grip thanks to the rubber coated handles. You do not need to force your grip because the handles contour with the shape of your fingers.

Another amazing feature of these clippers is the safety lock. You can lock the Epica clippers with the blades closed. This prevents accidental cuts during storage and retrieval.


  • Professional grade
  • Anti-slip and secure handles
  • Easy to use
  • Safety lock
  • Ideal for thick nails


  • Stiff during first-time use

3. CleanHouse Professional Pets Dog Nail Clippers

The CleanHouse Pets Dog Nail Clipping tool is the top three favorite among dog owners. This exceptional pair of trimmers is available in two sizes: small and large.

These clippers come with professional grade blades that are made of durable stainless steel. The blades are remarkably sharp with superior edge retention.

The CleanHouse trimmers feature a built-in safety that is adjustable. All you have to do is press the button to release the cutters.

If you are working with a tight budget, then the CleanHouse shears are the best solution for your dog’s weekly trimming and maintenance.


  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and effective
  • Unbeatable price tag
  • Slip-proof and secure grip
  • Safety lock included


  • Looks cheaply made

4. Simply Pets Online Professional Dog Nail Clippers

Introducing the Simply Pets Online Professional Dog Clippers, the new pain-free nail trimmers that actually lets you see what you are doing.

Your dog never needs to worry about pain and bleeding because you clipped too deep. The stainless steel blades are remarkably sharp, delivering a clean and painless cut.

The clippers are super easy to operate, requiring minimal effort to get the job done. This unique tool has ergonomic, long, rubber handles for optimal control.

This model has a safety stop feature that prevents over-trimming along with safety lock mechanism for secure storage and retrieval.


  • Protective guard
  • Safety lock
  • Easy to use design
  • Comfortable and secure grip
  • Quality guaranteed


  • May require force for first-time use

5. Boshel Professional At Home Clipping Tool

The #5 in our list is the Boshel. These uniquely designed cutters come highly recommended by most professionals.

These clippers are ergonomically made, and they are equipped with sharp stainless steel blades for sharp, quick, smooth, and stress-free cuts.

Apart from being durable, the design is completely user-friendly. It features an ergonomic, non-slip, easy-grip handle that will stay safely in your hands all through the entire process.

The Boshel clippers are outfitted with a safety stop that ensures you do not accidentally cut the nails too short, causing an injury. There is also a safety lock for secure storage.

That’s not all, Boshel has also equipped this amazing tool with a built-in mini nail file (located in the left handle) that you can use to smoothen the nails.


  • Recommended by professionals
  • User-friendly design
  • Sharp and easy to use
  • Clean cuts every time
  • Safety stop prevents over-clipping
  • A mini nail file included


  • Maybe a little bulky and difficult to position
  • Mini file not properly secured in the handle

In Conclusion

Clipping your dog’s nails is simply removing excess growth from the tip. However, the clipping process will only be easier and safe if you use a right dog nail clipper for your pooch.

You can select the ideal model for your dog among the many products on the market by considering the size of your canine and the features of the tool.

Make sure the nail clippers you are using are made of stainless steel blades, sharp, fitted with a safety stop and lock, and have ergonomic rubber handles.

Basically, you need a pair of clippers that is very comfortable to handle. Make sure the model you choose provides you with good visibility, making it easier to find the right angle.

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