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Natural Balance vs. Taste of the Wild (Updated 2020)

So, you have a new dog. How do you know which dog food is best to feed your new buddy? There are lots of brands out there claiming that they’re the one to choose to help your furry friend be happy and healthy. Sorting through the options can be pretty overwhelming for any owner. In

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Iams vs. Purina – Which Big Dog Food Brand Wins In 2020?

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably heard of Iams and Purina. They’re only two of the biggest household names in pet food! Both have a long history, great products, and a loyal following that have helped them thrive through the years. Unfortunately, both also have their fair share of controversies and product issues. Today,

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Nutro vs. Blue Buffalo Dog Foods [Brand Comparison 2020]

Our pets are part of our family. They provide comfort, companionship, and so much more. It’s no surprise feeding them right is paramount to most owners. Both Nutro and Blue Buffalo pride themselves on using only wholesome, locally sourced, all-natural ingredients. Both dog foods are locally manufactured in the US, and both have a variety

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Merrick vs. Blue Buffalo | Dog Food Review (2020)

Finding the right type of food for your dogs is critical to their overall health. In fact, my dog once came close to dying, simply because I was giving him the wrong type of dog food for his particular needs. At first, I thought he just had gotten into something he shouldn’t have, but when

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