Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Huskies – Great For Newbies & Professional Groomers

grooming clipper for huskies

Have you ever tried finding a dog clipper but it’s just not working out for your dog breed?

Grooming clippers need to have the right power for your pet’s coat since not all dog breeds have the same coat length (and some dog breeds are certainly larger than others).

Why is it sometimes hard to find the perfect dog clipper? That’s mainly because dogs can be quite sensitive to grooming since they can get scared when they hear motor noise or feel the vibration of the grooming tool.

Sometimes, when these grooming tools lack power against your dog’s thick coat, it takes you nearly forever to groom your best bud! And with that, it usually ends in disaster, since they may tend to have a short attention span.

In this article, we’ll give you some insights on how to find the best dog clippers for huskies and why you should have them in your dog grooming collection.


The WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers is the best dog clippers for huskies because of its economical price, hand-friendly wooden handle, effectiveness for thick-coated shedding dogs like huskies, and its safety against accidental topcoat removal.


WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog ClippersCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
Oster Golden A5 Animal Grooming ClippersCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
YiDon Cordless Adjustable Pet ClippersCheck Price on Amazon
Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade ClipperCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon
PawsPamper Extra Wide Undercoat RakeCheck Price on Amazon

5 Best Grooming Clippers for Huskies on the Market

Ready to get grooming? Here are some of our recommended picks for the best dog clippers for Huskies:

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers - Rechargeable, Quiet, Low Noise, Heavy-Duty, Electric Dog & Cat Grooming Kit for Small & Large Breeds with Thick to Heavy Coats - Model 9766

Wahl is a trusted brand when it comes to grooming tools and this one is quite the portable dog clipper that is powered by its heavy-duty lithium motor that runs for up to 2 hours straight on a single charge. We liked the fact that it can only be charged within 15 minutes – perfect for owners who are in a hurry to work.

This might be a good pick for the best dog clippers for huskies because it is good for pets with thick coats. Since the husky is a big dog and this clipper is okay for large dogs, you might find it appropriate with the assortment of comb attachments included.



  • Great for small to large breeds
  • Rechargeable with a 2-hour runtime
  • Ideal for heavy coat breeds like the husky
  • Comes with a lot of grooming accessories
  • Self-sharpening precision blades



  • Not for international use
  • Can be a bit too noisy for some dogs


Oster Golden A5 Animal Grooming Clippers

Oster Golden A5 Animal Grooming Clippers with Detachable CryogenX #10 Blade, Single Speed (078005-010-000)

Oster is a good contender as well when it comes to home power tools, and a grooming clipper for dogs is no exception. With its 2,100 SPM (strokes per minute) rotary motor, it’s going to pack a lot of power for grooming through all that thick coat.

We liked its detachable blade system, since this may be a good use for owners who don’t want the hassle of changing blades while they are grooming (that’s important since you can’t always use the same blade for all your dog’s parts or they may get hurt in sensitive areas).



  • Detachable blade system for easy blade swapping
  • Heavy-duty motor with 2,100 SPM
  • Durable housing is made with chew-proof material
  • Has a 12-foot cord for unlimited power



  • Guide combs need to be bought separately
  • Only 1 speed is available


YiDon Cordless Adjustable Pet Clippers

YIDON Dog Clippers, Dog Grooming kit Cordless Adjustable Pet Clippers Dog Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Dog Shears Pet Grooming Professional Hair Clippers Low Noise for Small Large Dogs,Cats,All Pets

Do you want something that’s not too noisy? You may like this one since it only operates at 60 dB. It can also cater to different dog breeds due to its included accessories.

Also, since the Cavachon dog breed is kind of similar to huskies and poodles, you can use it as a set of Cavachon dog grooming clippers due to its thick coat.

Like with our previous pick, it has a detachable blade system so you can swap blades on the go. What’s more, you’ll probably like the ceramic and titanium blades that require very little maintenance and sharpening overall (and still trim coats razor-sharp for quite some time).



  • Low noise at 60 dB
  • Detachable ceramic and titanium blades
  • 8 grooming tools are included
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty



  • One charge doesn’t last as long
  • Slight jamming issues


Andis ProClip AGC2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal Grooming, AGC2, Black (22340)

If you prefer a dog grooming clipper for huskies that has two speeds available (2,700 SPM and 3,400 SPM), this may be a good pick for you.

Having variable speed is important to preserve the motor lifespan of your clipping unit and it’s also going to help you finish the job faster by switching to the faster speed from time to time.

We also like the fact that it has a 14-foot cord that allows you to move around with your buddy while you are grooming him/her.

The only downside to this clipper is that it gets hot fast, so you can just alternate with a scissor or some other grooming tool for the meantime that it cools down.



  • Long 14-foot cord for mobility and unlimited power
  • Allows you to choose between two speeds
  • Has a shatter-proof housing



  • Can heat up within 5 minutes of usage



PawsPamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake

PawsPamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake for Medium to Large Dogs, Cats - 20 Blade...

If your dog doesn’t like noisy motors at all, we’d recommend this manual clipper, which may be a bit tough to use at first (especially if your dog is quite the wiggly pet) but if undercoat shedding is your biggest problem, this may be one of the best dog clippers for huskies out there if you’re up to a no-motor grooming session.

Not to worry about user fatigue – it’s wooden handle not only looks stylish but is also pretty nifty to hold for minutes to hours of grooming.

Many customers have said so themselves that it’s ideal for undercoat removal but it doesn’t take off any of your dog’s top coat.



  • Great for heavy shedding dogs
  • Rounded blade tip for safety
  • Doesn’t cause hand fatigue due to its wooden handle design
  • Ideal for undercoat removal without damaging your dog’s topcoat
  • Economical price



  • It’s a manual clipper (which can take time and practice to use)


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about dog grooming clippers? Here are the most commonly asked ones.


What Are The Benefits of Dog Grooming Clippers?

So, what’s all this hype about dog grooming clippers and why should you get one? Here are the reasons why:


They keep your dog’s shedding to a minimum. Heavy shedding dogs such as huskies require a lot of maintenance from their owners. When dogs shed, they not only pollute your house and couch with a ton of dog fur, but it may also cause allergens to spread around the house – bad news if you, your family member, or your guest, have hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Clipping their undercoat helps minimize the shedding around since you’re trimming them in just one go.


Some of them are portable or easy to carry. Many of the dog coat trimmers nowadays are portable – while not all of them are battery-operated, they can still be easy to carry and can be taken with you if you’re planning on dog-cation with your best buddy.


They make your dog look more presentable. Nothing beats the sight of a clean dog, just as a person having neatly-trimmed hair does. Regardless of your dog’s breed, keeping them neatly trimmed can show people how much you care for your dog’s physical health and well-being.


Is Any Dog Grooming Clipper Okay For Any Breed?

Short answer: no. Long answer: if you’re new to dog 101 then you should know that you can’t just buy a set of dog grooming clippers and do the grooming on your own without knowing your dog breed (and the thickness of its coat in relation to your newly-purchased gear). Here’s why you should pick the right dog grooming clipper depending on your breed:


Not all breeds have the same coat length. Dogs with a thin coat, such as the Dachshund, may require a different dog clipper than a Siberian Husky, otherwise, they’ll probably get skin injuries or hurt you while grooming due to stress or pain.


Some breeds are larger than the others. Siberian Huskies, for example, may need a more heavy-duty dog grooming clipper since they are a big breed and using a small clipper can take ages for you to groom your big buddy.

Consider a dog clipper that has the right power to groom your dog depending on its size, not just its coat thickness.


How Do You Choose The Best Dog Clippers For Huskies?

Exactly how do you know which dog clipper is the best for your breed? We’ll give you a few pointers:


Blade Type

There are many blades that are available for different pets. The rule of thumb is that the higher the number, the more hair is removed. Most blades can range from #0 to #15 but you can adjust them with a corresponding comb guide, which may or may not be included with your clippers.


  • Choosing the right blade type is important since not all dogs have the same length. If you pick a blade that takes too much fur on a thin-coated dog, you might end up hurting your pet while grooming.


  • If you choose a thin blade for a thick-coated dog, you’ll probably sweat a lot or your unit could break due to overheating.


Noise Levels

Nothing beats a quiet atmosphere, but if you really must use a motorized clipper for your dog, you should at least pick one that’s not too noisy.


  • Many dogs have noise anxiety so some owners resort to manual clippers. However, there are motorized clippers out there that don’t have much noise, such as those around 60 dB in terms of noise levels.


  • Do take note that dog grooming clippers with less noise may sometimes become too weak to operate since their motor is not built for heavy-duty purposes, such as for trimming large dog coats.



  • Having a heavy-duty dog clipper is important if you want to trim the undercoat of a large dog breed such as huskies.


  • Look for the wattage of the dog grooming clipper. While this doesn’t always translate to its average power consumption (since that depends on how often you groom your dog), having more wattage means that you’ll get the job done quicker.


Corded vs. Cordless vs. Manual

This can vary depending on your preferences. Some people like corded units for extra power; some prefer cordless because they travel more often and some like the manual rakes since they have more control over sensitive areas of their dog’s coat.


  • Choose your dog grooming clipper depending on how often your dog needs to be groomed. For instance, if you’re a traveling person who goes out with your dog often, you can get a cordless one for less luggage. Or, if you can, get a manual one to save up on batteries.


  • Corded ones are the best for when you don’t really go out much with Fido. They not only provide unlimited power but most of them also have long power cords nowadays so you and your buddy can move around just fine while grooming.



Based on our reviews, we think that the PawsPamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake is the best dog clippers for huskies. While it may take some getting used to before you can learn to use manual groomers like this one if you’re new to dog grooming, this may also serve as a budget option and a better one if you do own a husky who sheds like there’s no tomorrow.

The other clippers are okay for when you want something with a motor and get the grooming done faster and more precisely, but manual undercoat rake can sometimes do the job better depending on your skill. In fact, your dog may have less anxiety about grooming if they don’t hear motor noise!

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