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How do dog clippers work

How Dog Clipper Blades Work

After you decide to buy a pair of clippers and take on grooming yourself, you are faced with choosing blades. This is where most people give up and just take their dog to the groomers again. But, if you’re determined, learning can be fun. What if you have already bought clippers? Not to worry, many

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Clipping a Dog

How to Set, Adjust, and Change Dog Clipper Blades

So, have you just bought a new clipper, or blade and found out it’s nothing but trouble? There is a fix for that. What happens most often when a clipper or the blade seems “off” that is exactly what it is. If any part of the blade portion of your clipper isn’t aligned quite right

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Curled Look

Top 10 Maltese Cut And Hairstyle

Why does a Maltese need haircut? Simply because this breed of dog has a very thick coat of hair which can get tangled very easily and can cause a lot of discomforts. Regular cutting and trimming will make the hair very manageable. The Maltese are loved for their thick hair as it makes them look

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