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Featured Item Section (FIS) Example OUR TOP PICK Our favorite is the Ka-Bar BK-22 Becker Companion Fixed Blade Knife as it’s the perfect all around knife for whatever you need when you’re out there at the mercy of the elements. Check Current Price Product Table Example Product Details     1. ESEE Knives 4P Fixed

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Dog Training Near Me: Best Dog Trainers Near You

Every individual has his or her motivation for getting a dog. Some people just want to have a dog as a friend, while there are some that are on the hunt for a running buddy. Irrespective of the reason for getting a dog, everyone is ultimately looking for the same result: something to love and

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how to groom your dog at home

How to Groom My Dog at home?

This may be one the very basic question for every pet owner. One thing we must admit that grooming is one of the most important tasks which every dog owner need to carry on. People who have budget can hire professional groomers but in my care what I think is, if you have some spare

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111 Cat Facts – Interesting And Funny Feline Trivia 

Obviously, I think that my cat is the cutest and smartest feline ever, and you probably feel the same way about your cat. But how much do you actually know about your kitty and cat species in general? Until recently, I considered myself an expert for all cat-related things, but I was wrong! For example,

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How to Hire a Professional Pet Groomer

How to Hire a Professional Pet Groomer?

Pet grooming is indeed serious business. While there are many pet parents who prefer grooming their pets at home, there are also several others who opt for professional services instead. Usually, pet parents with funds at hand, but lacking time, go in for professional help when it comes to grooming their dogs. A professional pet

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What is Catnip and Why Do Cats Like It? Is it Safe?

Until recently, I believed that all cats go completely crazy over catnip. But the fact is, one out of two cats won’t experience any reaction and will act their usual self. This finding prompted me to test it out on my cat… Here’s what happened: Simply put it, my feline had a blast and immediately

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Pet Obesity: Why Promoting Overweight Pets Is Not Cute

More than half of cats and dogs are overweight or obese, and worldwide, pet-obesity rates range from 22% to as much as 44%. The latest numbers show that 60% of dogs are overweight, while 56% of cats are overweight.  Yet the internet seems to be captivated by plump or chubby pets, with a stream of

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21 Foods That You Should Not Be Feeding Your Cat

  When I’m sitting at the dining table with my cat staring up at me longingly with her big eyes, touching a paw to my leg to get my attention, the urge to feed her a little something off my plate can be hard to resist. But it is important that we do indeed resist.

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How to Use a Dog Clipper

How to Use a Dog Clipper

If you have a pup at home you know what a pain it can be to get them groomed regularly and keep them looking good in between. But, if you’re interested in learning how to use a dog clipper to keep this whole process easier you are in luck! But where do you start? From

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