You own a pet only if you are a pet lover. And there are pet lovers in the world who just go crazy for their four legged buddies. Meet Gail Ramirez an ardent pet lover who chose to work with pets as her career. You can always find Gail Ramirez surrounded by dogs whether working or relaxing. Her passion for her pets has led her to find innovative ways to make pets look cute and adorable. She believes pets’ needs to be treated equally with love and compassion. If you are a newbie to pets, following her website regularly will make pet parenting a breeze.


While working in a reputed pet grooming salon in New York for some years, she observed some pet owners trying to groom their pets at home and failing miserably. She understood that the pet parents didn’t know which kit to use for which breed because they didn’t have the right knowledge. She then decided to bridge this knowledge gap. Hence, she started her own website where she started sharing all the information that a pet owner needs to know to go ahead and groom their pet. She has also equipped her website with other necessary tips that are required to keep your pets sane and healthy.

Gail J. Ramirez, who has been a lifelong pet lover, is the founder of She created this website with only one mission in mind; to make sure every pet gets the best care it deserves. She is passionate about pet care and pet fashion and you can pick up the latest trend in dog fashion from


Since her childhood pets have been an important part of her life. She adores and has deep love for pets. From her love towards her pets, she got inspired to start her own website dedicated to the care and wellbeing of pets. Gail Ramirez has four dogs of her own; a Cavachon, soft coated wheaten Terrier, Springer Spaniel and a Goldendoodle

She left her high paying job in New York and decided to do what she enjoys the most; spending time with her friends with fur.

Gail Ramirez has always actively participated in activities related to pets and has immense knowledge of pet care. She understands that each breed of dog needs specific grooming tools that are unique to their needs and gives customized tips on how dogs need to be groomed based on their breed. She also has a deep understanding of how to care for pups at different stages. She has worked as a groomer in a reputed pet salon to gain experience of handling and grooming different breeds of pets.

With her flair in pet fashion, she can transform a normal looking adorable pet to a super cute fashionable pup in few hours of time. She also offers tips and tricks to her fellow pet parents so that they can groom their pet buddies with confidence.


At www.petfashionweek, Gail’s mission is to make sure every pet gets only the best. Here, you get to know everything about your pet. From health issues to buying guides, from grooming to dog fashion, from how to tips to product reviews you can find everything here. Any issue you have with your pet, you are sure to find a reliable solution here.

You can follow Gail Ramirez on social media and keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings in the pet fashion industry.

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