Welcome to Pet Fashion Week. The goal of this site is to offer pet lovers a resource for all things related to pet. Whether it’s increasing your knowledge and sharing experiences.

We are a group of passionate pet lovers who believe that pets are part of the family, and are not willing to settle for anything but the best for our little buddies.

We understand that you as a dog owner love your pet and would only buy the very best quality products where they are concerned. After all, who can resist those ‘pleading puppy eyes’?

But, we also understand how busy you are in your work, and at home. You really do not have the time to look at all the features and details of the plethora of products out there in the market. That’s why we are here to help! We do the research and collate information on the latest products available for pets on the market. We review each and every product thoroughly and provide you with our findings so that you can provide the best for your dogs.

And not just product reviews. We provide the latest findings in pet care and how to tips to help you take care of your pet in the best possible way. Our buying guides, tips and tricks help you to make sure your pet live a healthy and happy long life.

What’s our mission

At www.petfashionweek.com we review pet grooming products and give our independent voice to give you recommendations, which we think will be good for your pets. If you are a serious pet lover and plan to make your pet look good or wish to see your pet be the next best happening pet in a fashion show, then make sure you go through our reviews to find out what suits your pets’ grooming needs.

You need to pick quality tools and products to get desired results. You get to know if a product is really good or whether your choice is  just a waste of money only by using it. Lucky for you we are here to test the products and review them so that making the right choice becomes easy for you.

Whether the products have been in the market for a long time or they are new entry in the market we ensure that we use them personally and test their performance before putting the reviews on our website.

How do we conduct our product reviews?

You do get lots of information on the internet about pet grooming products but that information is not specific to your pet’s breed. Here we base our reviews on the basis of pet’s breed. We pick products that are best for different breeds. We keep each breed’s unique needs in mind and review the products that specifically suit their needs.


The health and safety of your pet is our first priority. We test and review products keeping these two things in mind. If we notice any issues with the product during the test and feel it is not safe the pet, we do not recommend it at all.


The next important thing we consider while testing is how the product feels in the hands. Is it comfortable to hold and easy to use?  Any product that is not designed to fit comfortably in your hands has the risk of damaging your muscles. Along with your pet, your health is also important.


A very basic but extremely important feature that we look for in the product is its high standard of performance. If the performance is not up to our expectations, we would never recommend that product.


User Experience

We also take the customer service of the brand we are reviewing into consideration. If we come across customers speaking about unsatisfactory customer service then we make a note of it.

Quality and Reliability

In this category we are looking for things such as, what material is this product made of, can it be damaged easily, and does it have battery issues and all other technical credentials.


We compare other similar products and determine if the product is really worth the price.

Finally we put all these points together and then give you a brief review with pros and cons. We wrap up our review by choosing a product that stand out thus making it easy for you to make a decision.

We know the importance of choosing the right products for your pets

For a pet owner, a dog is not just another dog. He is a son, a buddy, a brother – he is part of the family and we understand that. We know how much care you take of your dogs and how important it is to choose the right product. There are countless cases out there, where the pet health has been seriously compromised by using products with harmful chemicals or made out of hazardous materials. We are very thorough while conducting reviews to make sure that no product of inferior quality is recommended by us. We always run multiple iterations of the test to ensure that our reviewed products are always the best choice we could have made for you and your pet. At PetFashionWeek we would never compromise with the health and safety of our pets and we know you wouldn’t too so through our buying guides, we make sure that you understand what to look for in a product before making a purchase, You can completely rely on us for only getting the best recommendations.


Keep you up to date with pet trends

We know that for your darling pet, not just health and comfort, but good looks are also important. At PetFashionWeek we know you want your pet to be perfectly groomed and put its best foot forward. We help you keep up with the latest trends in pet fashion, so that your little pooches can be the star attraction at any pet fashion show.  And when it comes to street style, watch your pet strut with confidence, when you dress it up in one of our recommended pet fashion pieces. We give tips and tricks for you to catch up with the latest pet fashion trends to make sure that your pet is always dressed in the seasons latest and best.

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