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Pet Obesity: Why Promoting Overweight Pets Is Not Cute

More than half of cats and dogs are overweight or obese, and worldwide, pet-obesity rates range from 22% to as much as 44%. The latest numbers show that 60% of dogs are overweight, while 56% of cats are overweight.  Yet the internet seems to be captivated by plump or chubby pets, with a stream of


Seven Border Collie Mixes – Which One Would You Choose?

There’s no doubt, the Border Collie is a big favorite with families, as well as farmers. It grew up as a working dog and it’s got amazing intelligence. They’re very lively dogs and that means you’ll get plenty of exercise just keeping up with your Collie.  But, have you ever wondered what type of dog


17 Cool Halloween Costumes for Cats

As you prepare for Halloween with decorations and costumes, don’t forget about your cute kitty. She can rock the party with a new outfit. There are lots of places that sell cat costumes and pet outfits, but if you are stranded this review post is for you. We did detailed research on your behalf. We

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